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08. Impact Roundtable—Purpose Driving Performance

Samantha Wellington, EVP and Chief Legal Officer at TriNet participates in this roundtable on equity and equality in the workplace, bias in recruiting and speaking out on social movements at TriNet-sponsored Fortune Impact Initiative 2022 in Atlanta.

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Published: May 5, 2023



Environmental, social and governance (ESG) has emerged as a key factor in the future of work. It can help companies improve employee recruitment, satisfaction, engagement and retention. We know that the integration of talent management and ESG strategies leads to a motivated and productive workforce, but how is this integration being harnessed to ensure that employees find the purpose and connection they seek?

TriNet hosts this timely roundtable discussion featuring Samantha Wellington, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Fortune Impact Initiative 2022 in Atlanta. The panel explores trending topics, such as equity and equality in the workplace, delivering on a purpose larger than an individual role, eliminating bias in recruiting and promotions, ending wealth and opportunity gaps, and addressing social movements that might contradict the core values of the organization. The views expressed herein may not be those of TriNet.

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