Privacy at TriNet

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Explains what information we collect and why, how we use it, and how we share it.


Privacy and security tips to help you protect your identity online.

Privacy Matters

Protecting the privacy of our customers' personal data is one of our highest priorities, and it is integral to the success of our business. Data privacy regulations are complex, and businesses have to select a human resources provider that understands how to appropriately protect their data. Customers and prospective customers may have privacy concerns about personal data that TriNet processes. We want to help them understand our privacy practices so that they can determine whether our services satisfy their specific regulatory and compliance needs. We are dedicated to fostering our customers' confidence in our services.

Our Mission

  • To help TriNet protect the personal information of colleagues, customers, and WSEs.

  • Foster a culture that values privacy and data security.

TriNet Information Security and Privacy White Paper

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